Intensive Driving Lessons and Courses in Glasgow

Intensive Driving Lessons Glasgow

Here at eDriving Lessons Glasgow, we offer several intensive driving courses that range from just one-week course to a ten-week course that takes on novice learner drivers and turns them into accomplished test-ready drivers in just 10 weeks.

The reason why eDriving Lessons Glasgow offer these intensive courses are simple. These are designed for people who need to achieve their driving licence in a hurry, people who may feel that they would learn better over a short, but intense space of time or those who are simply keen to tear up those L plates in a fraction of the time usually taken for learner drivers.

A typical intensive course with eDriving Lessons Glasgow will last ten days with a test having been already booked, to be sat at the end of your course. We understand that this may not be enough time for most learners, as more and more people are going for a semi-intensive course over several weeks. This is sometimes due to the reasons listed above, and also due to the fact that the waiting time for theory tests and practical tests from the DVLA usually entail around a 3 and 5 week wait respectively.

If you're unsure whether or not an intensive course is the right course for you, or would like to get more details on the specifics of these courses, our instructors and how we would fit these lessons around your schedule, please don't hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email. Details can be found on the contact page.

Whichever course you need or would like to know more about, the following list will give you an insight into which courses we do, what they each entail and how long we estimate they will take. If you'd like to change the length or discuss the options further, at eDriving Lessons Glasgow we will do everything we can to accommodate your individual needs as a learner.

This list is of our most popular courses, complete with insights into which courses offer what, to what level of learner driver they are aimed at and how long we estimate they will take.

We must stress though that the test fees included DO NOT include the price for the theory test. This is because you will need to have passed both the theory and hazard perception tests before taking one of our intensive courses. Course lengths will depend on your availability and while the lengths specified are estimates, we appreciate that every learner driver is different and that times and levels may vary.

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